The joy of outdoor swimming in rivers and lakes is a way of life celebrated across Europe and America. Swimming in the wild or wild swimming is just what the hot days of summer were made for. Throughout Europe families and friends delight in the freedom, fun and adventure of the great outdoors. But things are very different here in Britain. 

Wild Swimming - the Joy of Life

Open water or wild swimming is often portrayed in the media as the preserve of an eccentric, foolhardy minority. No Swimming signs and warnings about drowning make wild swimming seem like some kind of extreme sport. Hung Out to Dry investigates why swimmers in Britain have been chased out of open water and confined instead to indoor swimming pools. Can wild swimming really be as dangerous as we are lead to believe?

Before the construction of swimming pools during the industrial revolution all swimmers swam in the wild because there were simply no swimming pools to access. What many do not realise is that the British pioneered a return to swimming and bathing and held the worlds hand as it were, by reintroducing swimming as an acceptable sport worldwide. Yet the swimmers freedom to enjoy fresh air and sunshine was soon brought to end. But why were English swimmers rounded up and confined to indoor swimming pools when elsewhere in Europe outdoor swimming continued with approval rather than restriction?

China's most prestigious universities have been told they must learn to swim before they graduate.

The public facilities once enjoyed countrywide on river, lake and canal banks became out of bounds as swimming restrictions brought an end to the swimmers liberty in the UK. How were we, a nation of adventurous outdoor swimmers, persuaded that one of the greatest pleasures in life was in fact just too dangerous?

The British have become institutionalized at the indoor pool. Many are afraid to swim beyond its walls and escape the watchful gaze of a lifeguard. Yet for those who have experienced the forbidden fruits of outdoor swimming, questions come to mind. Hung Out to Dry investigates how and why we British came to separate ourselves from Europe and America and indeed from nature itself by frowning on outdoor swimming. It uncovers the attitudes that continue to restrict the swimmers freedom in this age of tolerance and liberty.

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The History of Wild Swimming Leicester

This book is far more than a history of swimming. Hung Out to Dry chronicles British culture exposing the rational behind our national obsession with constraining the wild swimmers freedom. Prepare to be intrigued and fascinated by a rich and diverse treasure trove of knowledge, as refreshing and amusing as is wild swimming itself.

Wild Swimmers Hung Out to Dry

Read Hung Out to Dry and your eyes will be opened to this shamefully neglected aspect of our heritage. A change in attitude that could have arisen nowhere other than in Britain; the birthplace of the industrial revolution.

"A persuasive book... intriguing from the outset, a fascinating chronology of British swimming which goes much deeper than one might expect. Well researched and interestingly written... the historical ebb and flow of swimming popularity is quite remarkable." ASA Swimming Times

"...a thought-provoking and stimulating book, written in an accessible, direct and conversational style. It should be of interest to every outdoor swimmer." Outdoor Swimming Society

"Chris Ayriss's idiosyncratic approach is as refreshing as the waters he loves and the ebb and flow of his story matches that of meandering stream; you never know what is round the next bend." Spring 2014 Physical Education Matters

"...a fascinating book ...very readable, informative and entertaining... excellent illustrations. Leicester Mercury

"This captivating book exposes for the first time the dramatic impact that swimmers have had on British morals and culture... Swimmers used to be common in the lakes and waterways of England. How were these sportsmen chased out of the great outdoor waters, and relocated to indoor swimming pools? Discover how pride turned to prejudice as swimmers sparked the development of British Prudery." Cornwall Today

Recommended: "Ayriss clearly loves open water swimming and his despair at the restrictions imposed on swimmers shines through... informed, entertaining and factual... The book is supported by an excellent collection of illustrations and historic photographs." H2Open Magazine

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