Wild Swimming in Switzerland

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Bern the Capital City of Switzerland

Visit Bern - Capitol of Switzerland 

Nestled beneath the Capitol Building you will find a swimmers paradise.

Offnungszeiten Freibad Marzili Swimming Pool Opening Times 

Offnungszeiten Freibad Marzili Lido  

A Lido free for all to use with diving boards, children's pools, play areas, sunbathing and cafe' facility's. 

Swimming at Offnungszeiten Freibad Marzili Bern Switzerland 

But outdoor swimmers will be tempted by the city's special attraction; swimming in the Aare.

Wild Swimming in the Aare

Of course you must be a good swimmer if you want to go river swimming. Try short swims to begin with paying special attention to how experienced swimmers both enter and exit the water and then copy their methods. Rivers with a strong current like the Aare deserve respect and so it makes sense to follow the advice of locals!

Aare wild swimming 

Campingplatz Eichholz Aare Swimming 

You can walk up to the park and camping ground: Campingplatz Eichholz, Strandweg 49, 3084 Wabern, and swim from there to the city center. Take notice of the warning signs and get out well before the last take out point.

Source of the River Aare 

The river Aare begins with glacial melt water and its wonderful colour results from the minerals it contains. 

Are you safe swimming in the Aare 

Wonderfully refreshing as it is to swim in cool water on a hot sunny day, remember that you can get too cold! If you get cold GET OUT and warm up again in the sunshine. On a hot day adjust to the cool water before setting off on a swimming adventure.

Swimming in the Aare 

Warnings wild swimming 


Basel City of Culture


Basel City of Culture

Basel is a remarkable city from a swimmers perspective.

River Swimming in Basel Switzerland 

The local police have produced the following advice leaflet for swimmers!


You can buy a large waterproof swim bag for about £20.00 and join the city swimmers.

Swimming Bags in Basel Switzerland  

You will never forget swimming in Basel.

River swimming in Basel 

See the video for more information...

Geneva City of Peace

The first thing that strikes you as a swimmer in Geneva is the colour and clarity of the water. Then their is Jet d'Eau the city's most famous landmark.

Jet d'Eau Geneva

Water is celebrated in Switzerland and the freedom to swim and have fun is a national institution. Their are so many places to swim on lake Geneva and in its rivers that I have given up hope of compiling an exhaustive list. Often bathing sites are not signposted so you have to keep your eyes open. Look out for ice cream signs! When on the road many swimming venues are signposted - see below:

Wild Swimming Sign Switzerland

Be aware that these signs may point to either a man made lido, river or lake swimming. Swimming is swimming in Switzerland wherever you care to swim.

Baines des Paquis

Baines des Paquis wild swimming Geneva


Its well worth paying the 2 Francs and visiting Bains des Paquis.

Wild swimming Switzerland 

Even if you are not wanting to swim, eating in the restaurant is part of the experience of visiting Geneva.

Eating Out - Wild swimming Switzerland 

The swimming facilities here are extraordinary and although it looks cool in the pictures, the water is in fact quite warm. 

Wild Swimming Switzerland 

This facilities include children's areas, a beach, pontoons, diving boards, a climbing wall - island, ping pong, table football, a sauna and a succession of art displays and special events. check out their website before you go.

Its OK you can dive, you'r in Switzerland 

When visiting this lido, architect Chris Romer-Lee of Studio Octipi was inspired to think of ways in which we might incorporate a swimming experience to the Thames in London.  The Thames Baths Project is the result and proposals to build three swimming baths in the center of the city are progressing with gusto. This is not some Disneyfication of the Thames but rather an effort to connect Londoners and visitors to a regenerated waterfront and a cleaner river.

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